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104 - 116 Regent Street, Redfern 2016 NSW - Student Accommodation

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The Trust Company Australia (Limited) ATF WH Redfern Trust will deliver a new 18 storey building and use for student accommodation and retail purposes at 104-116 Regent St in Redfern.

Key Features

  • 307 student accommodation rooms, providing 409 beds across 18 storeys

  • Ancillary communal student facilities including gathering spaces, gym, games area, study areas, kitchen, cinema and external terraces on levels 2, 4 and 16

  • Two ground floor retail

  • Public domain and landscaping works


Main construction work expected to commence in Jun 2023 with an expected completion Nov 2024. As the project progresses, updates will be published to this website and relevant stakeholders notified.

Planning Instrument

SSD-12618001 - Stamped Plans Part 2 of 2

SSD-12618001 - Stamped Plans Part 1 of 2

Assessment Report SSD-12618001

Notice of Decision SSD-12618001

Instrument SSD-12618001

Management Plans & Reports

Pre-Construction Compliance Report

SSD 12618001: C10 - Statement of Compliance

SSD 12618001: C9 - Statement of Compliance

Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP)

Notification of works 21/09/2023

Notification of works 04/09/2023

Notification of works 26/08/2023

Notification of works 19/08/2023

Notification of works 08/08/2023 - 09/08/2023

Notification of works 02/08/2023

Notification of works 20/07/2023 - 21/07/2023

Notification of works 17/07/2023

Notification of works 15/07/2023

Notification of works 14/07/2023

Notification of works 10/07/2023

Notification of works 29/06/2023



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Contact & Inquiries

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the team on:

The community email and phone number will be managed during the following hours:

  • Monday – Friday: 8.30am – 5.30pm

Registration of Interest

Quarterly updates will be sent to our subscribers list and also posted below as construction progresses. You can subscribe to receive these updates by entering your email address below.

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